What are the things to do once you have received your keys?

1) Perform "Dong Tu" rituals (mostly for the Chinese Homeowners)

2) Check for Defects [you may make use of the Defect Checklist from this post and do check out the latest defects checking tips compiled in 2014 here]

Tips: Mark down the defects using masking tapes and number them down. Attach photographs of the defects along with the defect list for easier tracking. :) Remember to keep a copy for yourself too!

After listing down the defects, you should fill up the defect feedback form and submit it to HDB within 7 days after the key collection.
Ok, you might wonder what are the available channels for Reporting Defects?

Alternatively, you can report the defects in online through this eService: e-Maintenance Feedback

Tips: The Feedback Form for New Flats is also available in the welcome package given to new flat owners.

So what happens next after you have reported the defects?

The HDB Branch Office staff will arrange to inspect the flat with you (remember to bring the defect list with you) and they will then liaise with contractor(s) to carry out rectification work.

Note: Remember to check out the Home Renovation Checklist and many more!

Happy Reno! :)