Stunning HDB Renovation Makeovers

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I know of friends who scoffed at the idea of getting an interior designer to renovate their entire place and prefer to look for contractors to do the job instead. This is because they do not feel that paying more just for some few perspective drawings is justified. I definitely emphasis with them if the interior designer did not perform the job well and churned out cookie cutter designs without doing proper analysis of their needs. 

However, based on my experience, interior designers usually take stock of the home physical constraints and try to design solutions that meet the homeowners needs. Contractors...are  contractors. While there are some main contractors who have successfully picked up interior design skills due to their years of experience, generally they are the executor whilst the interior designers design, plan, coordinate, execute and get the contractors to complete their jobs. 

Hence, those who prefer to engage the contractors directly definitely must know what they are doing since they are essentially assuming the role of the interior designer. Of course if the scope of the renovation is small, we should look for the Contractors instead of Interior Designers.

Nonetheless, the intent of this post is to illustrate how interior designers can design practical yet beautiful designs to rejuvenate and fix real pressing problems faced by homeowners. Personally, I feel its easier to design for empty homes as compared to designing for existing homeowners who are facing a magnitude of issues. 

1st Project : Circuit Road HDB flat for a family of 6 

2nd Project : HDB studio for a family of 2

3rd Project : HDB 3-Room @ Meiling Street

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4th Project : HDB 3-Room @ Meiling Street

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Last but not least, thydowager sponsored HDB makeover:

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